Welcome to QS_Toolbox page


Before anything, we appreciate evaluation, bugs declaration or any comments on this tool for multiple reasons:

– we want to give you a very powerfull tool, for FREE

– we need feedback to improve QS_Toolbox to be better and better


Why QS_Toolbox

  • You take back a development which you don’t know and have to make a technical state
  • You want to convert pictures library before migrating in 4DV16
  • You have to update methods properties in mass
  • You want to export methods, forms definition into a DOC, PDF document
  • You want to have a picture view of links between form objects & methods called
  • You want to have a Version Control System for all you developments
  • You want to have a quick access to all you code
  • You need to produce a documentation / report on database
For all these reasons and for others unsaid here, QS_Toolbox is the tool you need. Try it, 95% of all functions are FREE.



COMMITMENT  -> NEED 4D V15 R3 / V15.2 minimum

This component (version ‘Lite’) is free without any guaranty and will always be free for any 4D developer’s for personal use.
To get the ‘full’ version, please send us an email to get conditions.

Why it is free? Because we implement good ideas from us (they are always good :-D) or from the french 4D-Forum.
So, we created this component for multiple purposes:

– we want to be able to manage ourself the code by implementing functions / tools that we estimate missing or incomplete in 4D software.
– it is also for us a way to discovered and put in practice some new commands and new technologies coming from latest version of 4D.
– and because we used it as soon as we can.



* Can display data inside a listbox and, eventually, help you to copy datas into the paperboard to paste them into a spreadsheet (Excel for example).
* NEW: Include C_OBJECT management


* Display a list of all methods, including database, project form and table form methods, sorted by name or latest modification date.
* List can be reduced only to Methods.
* NEW (v1.60): list can be reduced to created/modified since x days.
* NEW (v1.60): list can be reduced based on criteria search.
* NEW (v1.60): display the method’s content with the capability to copy all or a part of it to the pasteboard.


* Can perform analysis on « all » methods from the host structure including project methods, project form/object methods, table form/object methods, database methods and trigger methods.
* Show stats methods: line counts, comment line counts, blank line counts, code line counts, and cyclomatic complexity.
* Show method properties which will be updated directly from the interface
* Show methods called from a specific method, and calling methods
* Can export, as HTML disk files, every method in the structure. Can be used for archiving, backups, and source code management.
* Can export, as DOCX, HTML, RTF or ODT format, all objects of the structure (methods, forms) with screenshot, object information. Can be used for archiving, backups, and source code management.
* Can manage 4D Project Method Comments
* Can export all Project Methods with DOT language to create a view in PDF, PNG or JPG format. To be able to use this function, Graphviz must be installed on your computer.


* Display all commands used and where.
* Can access directly to the edition mode by double-clicking
* Can list all unused command
* Show easily the obsoleted command / function used
* NEW (v1.60): allow a search in Method name or Command name, indifferently.
* NEW (v1.60): Display the ID and CID for each command used
* NEW (v1.60): On selection, copy on pasteboard the CID of the command / function (as Command:C{number})


* Display a screenshot of a form with all information about it (form objects, methods).
* Can display as JSON format, the description of a form and save it on disk (JSON format). Can be used for archiving or backups.
* Can display the method used for a form object.
(Restriction: no screenshot for project form is possible. This is due to a limitation of the 4D command used).


* Can perform analysis of the structure and display fields definition.
* Can copy, per table, all fields name and type to paperboard.
* Can update, for a select field, a BTree index if none exist
* Can perform analysis of the code to see which fields are used in a query and report if they are indexed or not and the number of call. This analysis shows also fields indexed and NOT involved into any 4D command using index.
* Check table name and field name regarding 4D recommandation (accent, 4D command name, SQL function)
* Allow SQL command execution and display result into a listbox
* Allow 4D execution code (no check done regarding code executed)
* Export all data as DUMP, and by the way, can import a DUMP. Before using this function, think to save your application data first !
* Display ‘fat’ table
* Create the code to insert a new record (code is set into memory)
* Give some information about plugins used, components used, public IP address, format system used
* Open CSM, application folder, application properties
* Start a compression of the data file. Before using this function, think to save your application data first !
* Can show 4D folders, System folders and temporary folder.
* NEW (v1.60): Event Manager has been rewritten to check consistent thru current events and objects. Results are displayed into a listbox.
* NEW (v1.60): Can restore all debugger button
* NEW (v1.60): If v16, add the capability ‘4D File’
* NEW (v1.60): Display relations between table and field. Result is automatically copy to the pasteboard.
* NEW (v1.60): Correct old declaration (C_STRING, C_INTEGER, ARRAY STRING, _o_AP BLOB to print settings and _o_AP Print settings to BLOB)
* NEW (v1.70): Export to disk the picture library in PNG format.
* NEW (v1.70): Replace pictures from picture library based on the name. Pictures are converted to PNG format.
* NEW (v1.70): List all variables using picture from picture library.

– VCS (Version Controle System):

* Initial idea from J.Pupier. All concept have been rewritten.
* Can save modified methods for Version Control perspective. You can know what is the latest version of your code.
* NEW (v1.60): Methods saved into a 4D external database at a selected location.
* NEW (v1.60): Comparison between current version and an older one is performed with jsdifflib library.
* NEW (v1.60): Allow to navigate inside all saved version of a method
* NEW (v1.60): Allow to force to save all methods from the database (Press shift on ‘Create a stamp point’) . Available only for the full version.
* NEW (v1.60): Allow to manage all projects.  Available only for the full version.

This component has not been tested in C/S. This is very important because VCS module save LOCALLY all methods into an external database.

– NEW (v1.90): Convert EN/FR:

* Initial idea from A. de Montard. All concept have been rewritten.
* Based on all command names, constants and keywords used by 4D, allow the conversion from EN->FR or FR->EN of your code.
* Set code to translate is done by copy/paste.
* Get translated code by copy/paste
* Allow to save the converted code directly as a new method into the host database
* Search Command or Constant from the current 4D version


QS_TOOLBOX is easy to use and offer a lot of features in different ‘modules’.
The huge difference between both version (Lite vs Full) is the capability to export in DOCX, RTF, HTLM or RTF format as full validation pack of the structure including forms picture and object relations.
Few others functionalities are blocked onto the ‘Lite’ version.



* Just do the job

Please feel free to drop us a note on suggestions and feature requests. We do plan to do some more tweaks and will add new features in the future.


We recommend to you to work on a copy of your database before doing any real updating.

Just to be clear: you use this component at your own responsibility and we decline any lost of data or methods. In other words, we will not responsible for any problems you might encounter so use it at your own risk! 

Our commitment is to offer you a tool with high quality of functionalities and few could be ‘dangerous’ like the direct execution of SQL code or 4D code.

If you find bugs, have suggestions, or want to send back enhancements, please email us at: info at association-qualisoft.eu.

We have a special thanks to some of you. As recognition, 2 people (we keep them anonymous) get a full licence for free due to there very good feedback on bugs (they are all corrected quickly) and requests. We want really to have a strong and useful tool for the 4D community.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  For OS X system, QS_TOOLBOX require Graphviz tool to be installed on the computer. For PC system, the tool is already included onto Ressources folder.